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Wren Insulation - Concertina Foil Batts (Under Floor & Wall Insulation)


In 1991 Wren Industries invented a unique concept of using expandable concertina-style aluminium foil insulation stapled between floor joistswiththetop of the timber joists remaining visible for cramping and adhearing of floorboards. Concertina batts eliminate theproblems dished or draped roll foil over the joists causes, because cramping of floor boards cannot occur with drapped or roll foil.


Perforated Concertina Foil Batts allow moisture drainage and maximum breathing of timber flooring, and combined with still airspaces, produce high and consistant thermal performance of total R3.0 (winter), reflecting 97% of radiant heat back to the floor.

Foil Batt will cause the timber floor temperature to rise and feel warmer all over, and there will be less energy needed for heating. The foil airspace areall uniformly deep at 50-100mm (the optimum gap distance for highest resistance R value), Whereas dished foil has varying airspace depth and constantly changing R value.


Ceiling insulation - Summer radiant heat barrier in ceilings reduce air-conditioning costs.