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Tontine Insulation
Benefits and Characteristics of Tontine Polyester Thermal Insulation
  • Up to 85% Recycled polyester fibre
  • No harmful VOC's (volotile organic compounds)
  • Does not contain Formaldehyde
  • Does not contain Phenol
  • Does not contain Ammonia
  • Zero ODP (ozone depleting potential)
  • Zero Chlorides (non corrosive)
  • Durability (will not subside or crumble over time)
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Reusable
  • Non-irritant
  • No protective equiptment needed when installing
  • No need to restrict access to other trades people during installation
  • Proven performance both thermal and acoustic
  • Material R Values that give year round performance
Ease Of Installation
Tontine insulation products are safe and easy to install with no special clothing, gloves or masks required for installation. Tontine insulation is dust free and a non-irritant. With increasing emphasis on workplace safety this is an important andvantage, since there are no potential OH&S issues arising from its use. No special or restricted areas are required on site when intalling Tontine insulation products.
Longevity of Insulation Performance
Since Tontine insulation products do not use resin based binders that may deteriorate over time, the insulation will not sag, become brittle, degrade or contribute to indoor airborne dust. It does not absorb moisture and is insect and vermin resistant. The insulation will maintian the stated performance for the life of the building, when installed in accordance with the AS3999.
Zero Formaldehyde
The manufacturing process for polyester insulation products at Tontine Fibres does not include the use of solvents or resins. Therefore there is no residual formaldehyde or other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) on the insulation material due to the manufacturing process. With polyester not being a VOC either, the VOC content of our polyseter insulation products is expected to be negligible.
Zero Chlorides
The insulation products made by Tontine Fibres do not contain any raw material with chloride compounds, nor are chloride compounds used in the insulation manufacturing proccess. There are also no other corrosive chemicals used at any stage of the manufacture of the insulation or the raw materials.
Non-Allergenic Properties
The polyester used in Tontine insulation products has non-allergenic properties and is safe for asthma sufferers. Tontine insulation products do not contain binders that may deteriorate and crumble ovet time, or use brittle or short fibres that are prone to breakage and/or easily respirable. Therefore it does not have the potential to create airborne dust due to fibres or other detritus working their way down through lighting and airconditioning vents in the ceiling.