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2014 News
Sound Lagging

Looking for Sound Lagging advice or insulation for your commercial or residential property? Call us today for more info.

Latest Projects

St Hillary's Retirement Village - removal of old insulation and installation of new and high quality insulation.

2013 News
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Check out the latest products added to our Online Store, click the Shop link above to see how much you will save!!

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We have uploaded some more great shots of our team hard at work on current projects. Click the Photo Gallery link to see them.

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Check out our new Photo Gallery of past and current projects from across Victoria.

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What do you think of our new website? Let us know by using our

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Welcome to Builders Choice Insulation

Our company supplies, installs, and distributes a range of quality insulation products for new and existing buildings throughout Victoria.

Our products are backed up with professional installations by our team. All installations are carried out in compliance with the AS3999, manufacturer guidelines, and our own quality assurance program ensuring that energy reports and customer expectations are met.

We keep our stock levels high to ensure we can meet our customers needs at a moments notice.







Our Earthwool and Kingspan stock levels plus Foilboard installation.


Current Projects

We are always working on new and exciting projects for our diverse range of clients. Click the link below to view our online Project Album of past and current projects.

In The Media

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