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Bradford Insulation
Our range of products have various R values depending on your preference,
but in order to gain the best possible performance in your ceiling it is recommended that you install R3.5 products or higher. Our highest R value product is an R6.0
How are glasswool batts installed?
Glasswool batts come in standard widths and lengths that match standard ceiling joist spaces. The batts are usually brought into an existing ceiling access and batts are snug fit between ceiling joists to ensure maximum thermal insulation is achieved.
What is the price per square meter?
The installed cost will vary from house to house depending on accessibility and access within the roof space. For a true indication of final cost you will need to arrange for a FREE quote with one of our consultants.
How safe is glasswool?
Glasswool and rockwool insulation products are not hazardous and are safe to install in your home or in other insulation applications for the life of the building.
Glasswool & rockwool insulation products have been comprehensively researched, and in 2002 the World Health Organisation concluded that after more than 30 years research, including studies on over 60,000 insulation workers, there is no long term serious risk to health from exposure to insulation fibres.
To further ensure the safety of our products, Our manufacturers changed the formulation of glasswool and rockwool insulation in 2001 to now use what are known as "bio-soluble fibres". Insulation fibres are now less bio-persistent than the dust we breathe in every day walking down the street and are not considered to pose any risk to health. You can identify bio-soluble fibres by the FBS-1 logo on our packs.
For more information please go to the Insulation Council of Australia & New Zealand website.
Bradford Gold glasswool and Soundscreen Rockwool is also supported by the National Asthma Council and is identified through the Sensitive Choice logo.
Does glasswool contain toxins?
Builders Choice Insulation's manufacturer of glasswool has been tested for Volatile Organic Content (including formaldehydes). In both cases for glasswool ceiling batts the results are negligible or immeasurable.
What are the product performance guarantees?
The manufacturer comprehensively tests its glasswool batts for thermal performance. For copies of test certificates and product warranties contact Builders Choice Insulation
The products thermal performance is guaranteed for the life of the home.
What are the environmental benefits of Bradford products?
Our choice of glasswool is made from up to 80% recycled glass content. Our choice of  glasswool has been assessed to contain no ozone depleting substances. For further information see
Who checks the insulation has been installed correctly?
Builders Choice Insulation has quality programs in place to ensure installation is correct and meets the manufacturers written installation instructions.
Builders Choice Insulation also carry out comprehensive training for its installers and provides all installers with a card of identification to demonstrate they have passed the training course.
Can insulation be installed directly on top of my plasterboard?
Yes it can, there are some loose fill products that will exceed the weight recommendations by plasterboard manufacturers. All of Builders Choice glasswool products are safe to install on plasterboard ceilings.
Is glasswool insulation compatible with down lights?
Builders Choice Insulation ceiling insulation is non-combustible. Additionally, glasswool ceiling insulation will not increase the fire load in your roof space. Care should be taken around down lights to ensure sufficient space is provided to allow transformers and lights natural ventilation to cool (required by Australian Standards).